About the Association

5th of February 2016
IAIB has been started

We are pleased to inform you that the International Association of Islamic Business has been actively operating in Russia since the end of 2016. Trade and business have always played an essential role, providing not only stock movement, but aslo social ties between people, countries and continents. Political stability depends on the economic performance with business as its important part, and business climate. Business acumen, savvy, and honesty are critical for successful trading. As the Prophet Muhammad said, may Allah bless him and solute:

“An honest and trustworthy merchant will be with the prophets, the righteous, and the martyrs.”

Basic tasks of the Association are to build a positive image of a modern entrepreneur, that is possible to achieve only if the business is truly civilized, there is awareness of social responsibility and it is based on the spiritual values of religion, in the present case, Islam.

In addition, feedback with authorities at republican, federal and international levels play an important role. Indeed, social responsibility means that the government expects the business to support their socially significant projects, in turn, business searches for understanding and support for its own initiatives. It is building of favourable business and investment climate in the Russian Federation that contributes to establishment of fundamental institutuions of market economy, based on the principles of participation and justice.

Being Muslim entrepreneurs, we, in turn, can offer to public a Muslim business model, that means rejection of such unfavourable financial instrument, as usury, and thorough observance of ethical standards.

We believe that business can and should be based on such moral principles as help and support for those in need. The International Association of Islamic Business hopes to embody in its activities principles preached by our Prophet, may Allah bless him and solute, who was a god-fearing merchant and due to his honesty deserved incontestable authority. On my own behalf, I wish for all of us to have bold ideas, reliable partners, and most importantly piece, prosperity and grace of the Almighty Creator.

IAIB is open to all your ideas, doesnt burden our collaboration with contributions, and is not limited by any religion and nationality.

Best wishes and good prayers,

The President of the International Islamic Business Association

Marat Vazikhovich Kabaev