Mission and goals

Mission - Organization of business partnership between entrepreneurs of Russia and foreign countries based on Muslim ethics and the best traditions of entrepreneurship. With the aim of developing mutually beneficial business, strengthening interregional and international economic and spiritual ties and, ultimately, improving the well-being of Russian and foreign members of the Association.

MAIB is a platform that brings together Russian businessmen and international business elites. Members of the Association can be individuals and companies - representatives of large, medium and small businesses of the Russian state, near and far abroad. All businessmen, regardless of nationality, place of residence, religion, can act as members and partners of the Association. There is only one condition: such businessmen should not engage in activities prohibited by Islam, they should share the ethical norms of Islam. MAIB works with similar business associations of Christians and Jews, and also cooperates with all relevant state bodies and departments.

The Muslim sector is a part of the socio-political and economic life not only in Russia and the CIS countries, but also in far-abroad countries. Representative offices of the Association are opened not only in Russia, but also in other countries of the world. They coordinate business projects of all Russian and foreign members of the Association.

An association
entrepreneurs and legal entities to create a socially responsible business based on the spiritual values of Islam

consolidated interests of the Association members in commercial, state and public structures in the Russian Federation and abroad

Active participation
в формировании благоприятного делового и инвестиционного климата в Российской федерации и в странах-партнеров Ассоциации.

Organization and provision
public economic and legal protection of entrepreneurs and members of the Association.

creation of a modern credit and financial system based on the principles of fairness and partnership mutually beneficial participation.

Creation of a single information field
for members of the Association and outside observers in order to convey to the maximum number of participants in economic activity in Russia and abroad the basics of doing business in Islam on the principles of justice and mutually beneficial partnership.