Promoting the development of a civilized, socially responsible business based on the spiritual values of Islam, taking into account the traditions and norms of Islamic law that do not contradict the current legislation of the Russian Federation

Promoting the development of a balanced system of representation of entrepreneurs interests in Executive, legislative and judicial bodies at the national, Federal and international levels, as well as in state, municipal and public organizations, institutions and associations

Promoting the formation of a positive image of a modern entrepreneur in the eyes of the public, popularizing the ideas of socially responsible entrepreneurship, based, among other things, on the spiritual values of Islam

Active participation in the formation of a favorable business and investment climate in the Russian Federation, organization of work to attract financial and other funds permitted by the legislation of the Russian Federation and, including, Islam, to various projects, assistance in organizing contacts with Russian companies

Promoting the efforts of the state and society to establish basic institutions of a market economy based on the principle of participation and justice, avoiding usury and other activities prohibited by Islam

Organization of relations with Republican, all-Russian and foreign associations of entrepreneurs, trade representative offices, and foreign companies in order to provide effective conditions for finding partners for entrepreneurs to sell goods and provide services both in Russia and abroad