The school of IAIB's young

The project “The school of IAIB's young enterpreneurs” is a winner of the President's grants contest (президентскиегранты.рф)

The project is aimed at the popularization of the idea of social enterpreneurship and formation of the community of socially responsible enterpreneurs among the youths in the five regions of the Russian Federation (cities: Moscow, Saint-Peterburg, Kazan, Ufa, Grozny, Cherkessk).

The project issues:
- to raise the level of knowledge, skills and competence among the project participants in the sphere of social enterpreneurship;
- to develop the skills of effective communication in order to promote the project idea;
- to create the conditions for social enterpreneurship development among the Islamic youths.

The following events are planned in the frame of the seminars:
- trainings on social enterpreneurship;
- a traning on effective communication;
- a meeting with local enterpreneurs;
- further participation in the on-line contest of social enterpreneurship;
- participation in the IAIB's business-forums as an opportunity of fund raising in the project presentation.

The charitable initiatives can make money and give the participants the feeling of self-realisation and stability. The implementation of the study course “The school of IAIB's young enterpreneurs” is aimed at the development of the similar projects.

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