Kazan Summit

Kazan Summit

On July 28-30, 2021, the 12th International Kazan Summit and Exhibition of Halal Products was held in the city of Kazan.

This year brought together a record number of foreign and Russian guests and exhibitors. Representatives of more than 60 countries and more than 35 Russian regions attended this Summit.

Dozens of contracts and agreements were signed within the framework of the Summit and the exhibition.

The International Association of Islamic Businesses partially acted as a co-organizer of this event, and also took an active part in the work of the Summit and the exhibition. More than 100 representatives and members of the IAIB from different states and regions of Russia took part in the sessions and exhibition Kazan Summit 2021.

Our Association held thematic sessions, concluded agreements, and also organized an IAIB stand at the Kazan Expo site where 13 companies from various fields of activity were represented.

In turn, I would like to note the professionalism of the main organizer of this Event, namely the team of the Investment Development Agency (IDA) of the Republic of Tatarstan, headed by Minullina Taliya Ilgizovna, who showed clear teamwork, the result of which was a successful Summit!

We express our sincere words of respect and gratitude to the President of the Republic of Tatarstan - Minnikhanov R.N., the head of the AIR - Minullina T.I. and the entire staff of the organizing committee Kazan Summit 2021 for the warm welcome and professionalism shown