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Presidents address IAIB

Assalamu Alaikum va Rakhmatullahi va barakyatuhu!


Dear brothers, sisters, friends and colleagues!


The next calendar year in the historical chronicle of the country has passed andhere comes new! For each of us, regardless nationality and religion there was a set of joyful and sad moments in the expiring year which became a test for all of us by the Almighty Creator.

Also last year with all evidence showed to the whole world self-sufficiency of potential opportunities of the International Association of Islamic Business, its feat to new significant achievements in all activity of our great Homeland and our countries. For this purpose has been held many meetings and negotiations, took place large business – missions in the different countries, international seminars and conference has been also organized.

Patriotism, Faith and Love to the Motherland, together with traditional spiritual and moral values continue to be the main sources of the strength and power of our states, the key to all future victories! And we - the International Association of Islamic Business, as an integral part of all our nations and countries are faithful to the precepts of our previous generations compatriots - to preserve peace and harmony in our lands and homelands, to contribute and diligence in strengthening its power and prosperity.


I appeal to all brothers and sisters to do more good things, to work harder in the new year for the benefit of our countries and nations, to remember the Almighty Creator more often, to give more alms and approve mercy for the needy, the sick, orphans, to start everything with good and sincere intentions - after all, the Almighty Creator knows everything, He knows about everybody! Gain useful knowledge that will help further to improve your temper.

I also ask from Almighty Allah, prosperous and fruitful continuation of all our good deeds and business projects! Let these business ideas which have started to incarnate last year, benefit all of us and the results in the new calendar year!

We also sincerely pray for those of our brothers and sisters who have got a difficult share to go through difficulties, wars and all sorts of woes. Our prayers are addressed to Almighty Allah with a request to facilitate them.

Give them patience and faith. May Allah make our life calm and peaceful.

We also pray to the Most High Creator for His infinite mercy and blessing of all our good deeds, noble labor and service for the sake of happiness of our children and grandchildren, peace and prosperity of our countries!

We wish you and all your families and friends good health, well-being, the help of the Almighty Creator and success, the happiness in the wordly and eternal life.


With sincere wishes and kind prayers,


President                                                                                           Marat Kabaev